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When it comes to leadwork, DRE Roofing is a roofing contractor that offers an affordable and unrivalled service for our many customers in Bristol, Yate and other nearby locations. You can also rely on us for emergency roof repairs and other related roofing services. Whenever you have any issues with your property’s roof, give us a call on 07399 430178.


Professional Lead Roofing Services

Leadwork has been used in construction and roofing for centuries to help protect buildings from the effects of the weather. A highly durable and versatile material, it can be formed in various shapes and sizes and attached to a roof in many different ways. Its high tolerance to corrosion makes it an essential aspect of roof construction for buildings in wet and humid climates, ideal for our customers in Bristol, Yate and surrounding areas. Additionally, it’s also a highly effective insulator, keeping your property warm in the winter months and cool during the summer months.

As a reputable roofing contractor, our lead roofing services include:

  • Lead Flashing

  • Roll-formed Leadwork

  • Flat-seam Leadwork

  • Chimney Leadwork

  • Standing-seam Leadwork

We'll make sure that we select the right type of leadwork to fix your roof.


Fitting Lead Flashing

Of all the possible applications of leadwork, lead flashing is the most commonly used for houses in and around Bristol and Yate. This type of leadwork acts as a means of sealing the joints between two surfaces, acting as a barrier between your roof and the building’s brickwork. This prevents leaks and keeps your roof safe from unpredictable changes in the weather.

When fitting lead flashing, any mortar is removed from the affected area and measurements are made so that the lead can be cut to size. The lead flashing is then shaped and installed on the roof, ensuring that the ledge straps and fixings are fitted. Once everything is secured, we apply a patination oil to prevent streaking and carbonisation of the flashing.

Whether it’s lead flashing or lead flashing, DRE Roofing is a roofing contractor that likes to stay on top of our leadwork. Even with all our years of experience, our staff regularly participate in ongoing training for lead welding to keep up with the best industry practices. As a roofing company, we’re committed to producing the highest standards and delivering satisfying results for all our domestic and commercial customers in the South West.

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